Business Management

Board representation & structure management

We advise family offices on corporate governance structures, shareholder relations and can act as a directors, board members and owner representatives of strategic assets.

We also Identify structural and operational inefficiencies and propose cross-functional corrective actions

Strategy Advisory

However the composition of your portfolio, our team is on hand to provide strategic support to realise your plans either to consolidate, grow, dispose or acquire assets and exposures, creating full diversification to minimise risk and enhance future returns

Business Valuation

Within our team, we have specialists to perform business valuations and we have developed strong capabilities to forecast financial data using complex financial modelling. We believe that it is important for an organization or an entrepreneur to keep assessing at regular intervals given such rapid changes in factors or assumptions surrounding any valuation, whether currently owned, or a target of M&A activity

Front to back transactional support

Consistently executing high volumes of complex business transaction has developed our broad perspective and gives us an ability to develop novel, creative and constructive solutions.

Our focus on teamwork allows us to integrate the disciplines necessary to support top tier transactional practices for the benefit of our clients, from inception to execution and active ongoing management

Deals and partners Sourcing

Through our wide network of trusted and discrete partners and clients we offer access to private equity, seed investments and other alternative business opportunities. Whether we’re connecting high-growth start-ups with private investors, or entrepreneurs to people with the expertise and resources they need to succeed, all our introductions are carefully considered to ensure the right people are in the room


With over 20 years of relationships built with institutional investors, we enable UHNW’s and family’s access to investment opportunities that they might otherwise not have exposure to.

We provide tailored deal flow across a variety of sectors, asset classes and structures – all suited to assessed and specified preferences

“When there's a war going on, don't buy the companies that are doing the fighting; buy the companies that sell the bullets.”

Peter Lynch

"To improve is to change - to be perfect is to change often."

Winston Churchill

"If at first you don't succeed, try management."

Stephen Hawking