Wealth Preservation

Estate Planning / wealth transfer

We are dedicated to collaborating with you to establish your long-term financial aspirations. In order to reduce tax costs and increase value to future generations, we will work with you to structure your estate assets

Investment Real Estate portfolio management

We offer steady, competitive returns to our Clients that are also in accordance with their individual goals. We coordinate our efforts as a team to organize and arrange your investments as part of our asset allocation process

Wealth Protection/Risk Management

Our philosophy includes the idea of protecting our Clients’ wealth. Our experienced team will be assessing your goals and level of risk tolerance to assist you protect your assets while we create a strategy to help you achieve your long-term objectives

Venture Capital-Business Angel Advisory

Part of our objectives is to serve our Clients, we bridge the gap between good businesses seeking funds or expertise to further their growth, and for funds seeking good companies to invest in

Precious Metals & Commodities

Commodities is a marketplace where dealing with key people is even more paramount to the successful conclusion and delivery of a transaction. At Caelius, we understand exactly this and provide access to principals or those designated by buyers and sellers, we are well-positioned to facilitate trading in the commodity sector

Fund Raising – Debt & Equity

We encourage and inspire all parties to establish and maintain funding lines in a timely manner as part of our strategy and commitment to building long-term Client relationships. This is important to ensure adequate capital for your organization or project, which our unique access to capital can provide through our global network

“Diversification is protection against ignorance, but if you don’t feel ignorant, the need for it goes down drastically.”

Warren Buffett

“We get protection by being price-conscious and by being extremely knowledgeable about our holdings.”

Marty Whitman

“Faith in the long run is the most powerful force that drives investment decisions.”

Peter Bernstein